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was born out of Kristen's Love to bring children together through the Art and Heart of Drumming and Music.  She   currently holds a CO Teaching License along with a Masters Degree in Multicultural Education that she received in 2011 from Regis University.  After attaining a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education in 2008,  she traveled to India where she taught English.  Her love of traveling and teaching have  also taken her to Nepal, British Columbia, & many cities throughout the U.S. including Las Vegas, Denver, & Santa Barbara, CA, where she was a volunteer teacher with School on Wheels, Inc., a non-profit organization that teaches children in homeless shelters throughout California.  Kristen is a philanthropist, animal rescuer, and a Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue Veteran.  She currently teaches & resides in Oregon with her husband & son, along with their furry friend Clea & wild squirrels.


Kristen's love of teaching and music inspire her to inspire children to explore their creativity through drumming, art, music, & literature.




Thank you for your interest & I look forward to bringing the Joy of Drumming to you!

                  ~Kristen Marciniak






Watch the animals Kristen helped in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  May No Animal Ever Be Left Behind Again. XOXO


Kristen Marciniak~with pup Clea in Santa Barbara, CA

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