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After-School Programs

Library Playshops

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Elementary & Middle School 

Specifically designed for Preschools and K-8 students.  Playshops can be scheduled as a special event or a 6-24 week after-school program. Please call or email us for prices & availability to fit your needs. 

Combines our multicultural literary book series followed by African Djembe drumming! 

Drum Party Playshops


Universal Drum Playshop

40 Minutes of drumming (includes a 10 minute guided introductory & 30 minutes of facilitated drumming & activities for up to 15 children. 35+ Djembe Drums of various sizes, 2 Floor drums, & 25 + percussion instruments. Can also accommodate larger groups!






Hearts & Arts Crafts & Drumming

Combines both the arts & drumming! Create Unique & Personalized Handmade Drums, Rain sticks, Necklaces & more followed by drumming!









Hands & Hearts Drumming brings everything to your special event! 

Locations include: homes, parks, outdoor settings, preschools, elementary & middle schools, libraries, hospitals, treatment centers, churches, & group homes. 

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     Drumming Hours:

Mon-Friday (8am-9pm)

Sat & Sun (9am-9pm)


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