Join us this Summer
& Fall 2021/Spring 2022 to
help students
Beat the Odds®

Beat the Odds® with

Hands & Hearts Drumming

Our newest drumming program that combines UCLA's evidence-based social & emotional skill building curriculum along with our signature playshop drumming. Ideal for K-8 elementary & middle school students.  

Elementary & Preschool Interactive Playshops

"The drum is seen as the heartbeat of the community. It can bring families and friends together. Drumming creates a sense of community and belonging. The use of drum circles are being utilized throughout the world to encourage and promote wellness." Access Music Therapy, LLC

Reserve a Drum Dream Girl Playshop today!  Experience how one girl's Courage changed the world of Drumming!  Join us on this Literacy & Drumming Playshop that combines a reading of Drum Dream Girl followed by 50 Minutes of Empowered Drumming!

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