Most All of our drums are handcrafted, carved, and bought from various

locations in Africa such as the Ivory Coast, Senegal, Mali, & Guinea.  Each drum we receive is unique and one of a kind, therefore every one will slightly vary in the design shown but will be the same height measurements as stated.


Each drum & novelty purchase we sell helps support the African local communities we buy them from by providing meals for orphaned children, supporting the local craftsmen that make them, & their communities.  Hands & Hearts Drumming Thanks You for helping us help these children & communities.

Hands & Hearts Drum Store

      Djembe Necklace

$7 each plus $3 shipping

    Tic Toc Drum

$11 each plus $3 shipping

Mini Djembe 6-8"

$33 ea. plus shipping

               Free Delivery

in some area codes including 97006. Please call or email for more information.

Small Djembe drum 10-12"

$65 ea. plus shipping

Sm/Med Djembe drum 13-15"

$89 ea. plus shipping

Medium Djembe drum 16-18"

$120 ea. plus shipping

Approx. 19-21" tall, 11" diameter.

Made in Mali and Senegal.

$145 ea. Plus Shipping

Carry your drum in protected vibrant carrying cases. 24" tall, 16" diameter upper opening, 9" diameter base opening. $60 ea. plus shipping

Beautifully handmade instrument made with different sized African gourds and wooden plates. Gives a unique African sound; commonly heard throughout the African bush. Smaller size makes a great decoration that will fit almost anywhere; and is great fun for kids. Approx. 11" long, 6 keys.

$35.00 plus shipping

Beautifully handmade instrument made with different sized African gourds and wooden plates & is great fun for kids. Approximately 19"-24" inches long, 10-12 keys, and 4-7 gourds. Made in West Africa. $65 plus shipping

These Authentic African musical instruments are completely handmade of calabash gourds and shells or sandcast beads. This instrument is sure to bring the sound of Africa to your home! 7-12" High + 5-8" wide. Made in West Africa.

$40 ea. plus shipping

Straw Baby Rattles used as a musical instrument in western culture as well as Africa. These rattles make a great gift for anyone with a small child. Totally hand made, multi-colored, and great for decoration as well as gifts. Each is hand made and varies slightly: approx. 5” tall. Made in Mali. $4.00 ea plus shipping

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Hands & Hearts Drumming Thanks you for your purchase!


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